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THE KNIGHTS OF MAYHEM Full Contact, Heavy Armor Jousters. 


Knights of Mayhem practice a heavy armor style of jousting called Realgestech and what separates this full contact style of jousting from all others, is the gear his Knights wear.

Knights of Mayhem gained stardom as they stared in their own show featured on National Geographic Channel, the Netflix series White Rabbit Project and Nickelodeon’s Jagger Eaton’s Mega Life.

The Knights of Mayhem have jousted and competed in thousands shows, events and competitions and perform around the world.

Aside from the competitions, many of the jousting events are held at Renaissance Fairs but they can testify that these performances are anything but a reenactment.

Knights of Mayhem has taken heavy armor, full contact jousting from predominating mainly at the renaissance fairs into stadiums and arenas, making jousting a full contact extreme pro sport in the Professional Jousting League.

It’s a hard core, hard hitting, real sport.  Jousting is aggressive and is a head on collision.

When The Knights Go "BOOM"

The Knights

Knights of Mayhem Captain:  CHARLIE ANDREWS –

Led by the reigning World Jousting Champion Charlie Andrews, and his foreboding team of brave dominating knights which include MMA fighters, bull riders, professional women jousters and pro sport athletes fight for causes that make a difference.

Charlie Andrews is a crusader that supports causes such as; Back the Badge honoring our Heroes in Blue, Veterans and active military as well as improving the lives of Special Needs children.

A True King of Hearts, Charlie is a  renowned  equestrian, horse trainer and clinician. On the field Charlie is fierce competitor and accomplished MMA Fighter and often referred to as a real “Modern day Gladiator.”  Off the field, Charlie devotes his time working with children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities building confidence and strength through equine therapy.

Knights of Mayhem’s  full contact style of jousting sets apart from all others, based on the gear his Knights wear.

A special armored plate, known as a Grand Guard, acts as a target for the opponents lance and a grid that captures the lance, so your opponent received 100% of the blow.

Charlie has his own full time official armorer for Knights Of Mayhem, who is responsible for building and maintaining the various suits of armor used in their tournaments.  The most important piece of kit, is the lance itself 11 feet long and made from solid hemlock.



September 23 & 24

California – Folsom Renaissance Faire

October 7 & 8

California – Medieval Festival of Courage


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