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07-27-2018 10:54:57 AM CST
Charlie puts on a fantastic performance. He is athletic, entertaining, and serves as a good role model for kids. He clearly loves what he does and really enjoys putting smiles on the young and old while passing along some positive messages for everyone to take home. He selected our son to help out on the arena floor. Wish you could have seen the smile which appeared on his face when he was chosen. It lasted several days!!! Thanks Charlie, we look forward to seeing you again someday soon.

Dj howard   Djhoward68@hotmail.com
02-13-2018 8:15:07 PM CST

Not only do the KoM provide great entertainment and big hits but they also have big hearts. After a friend of mine contacted Charlie and his crew, I was told my son was gonna get to be a guest of honor. When we arrived my son was allowed to be in the arena during the jousting. When they finally introduced to my son they had a great message prepared from my dad that had recently passed away honoring him and it something my son and I will remember forever... We will be fans forever and forever thankful

Pam martin   pmartin13@snet.net
02-06-2018 7:44:53 PM CST

Charlie is an amazing wonderful man knight and friend. This picture was taken in sarasota after a very specialjoust.see I lost my son to suicide and had met him a few months before it happened. When Charlie heard about it he was the first one to send a very special message for my son's memory book. Then was invited to Sarasota where he brought me into the joust so I could squire and he dedicated it to me and my son. Since then he has been my best friend and hero. I truly love him and his knights.

Tommy   tom@ahoymatey.com
02-06-2018 7:05:12 PM CST

I got a good first impression of Charlie up front as he selected my mom from the audience and I plowed her wheelchair forward to him on his horse... My mom was so tickled. Then later he spotted us walking by and he acted out give the rose to her once again so I could get a picture. My mom was in Alzheimer's pretty good at the time, and he just made her day. I printed up so many of those pictures so she could give them out, and she loved seeing them and being reminded each time. All her life, my mom was a giver, and here Charlie brought it back to her, full circle.