If you have permission from Charlie Andrews to be in the lyst please email KOMpromotions@gmail.com  and we will send you a release to sign and return to us.   Please make sure we receive the form 48 hours prior to the event that you will be photographing.

REMEMBER: You must be in period clothing to be inside the lyst!




All photographers that are permitted into the Lyst are required, by Knights of Mayhem, to provide Knights of Mayhem with a complete set of high resolution photographs that have been taken of the jousting event and the participants of the event.

Furthermore, by signing this release, you acknowledge that Knights of Mayhem and their associates, including, but not limited to venues, will have permission to use such photographs for non-monetary purposes such as, but not limited to social media, website, advertisement purposes and all events where Knights of Mayhem has been contracted to perform.

Failure to sign this agreement will forfeit photographers entrance into the Lyst and from the ability to use Knights of Mayhem, Charlie Mason Andrews and their likeness for any monetary gain from photographs taken, including, but not limited to professional photographers sales on photographer’s website or prints.

I________________________, acknowledge and agree to

Photographer’s Name

the terms and conditions of this Photography/Lyst agreement.


Photographer Signature Date


Knights of Mayhem Representative Date